Truth behind UX Design that you must consider

Researchers have recently done some testing of website users and they have exposed that some of that regular postulation where we hold the customers. We make a plan actually based on user point of view our self for website design. But it becomes totally wrong. Because we have been lying to ourselves about our website users and how they react to what they see online.

Expectations of users

Usually visitors comes for to do something such as buy something, learn something, they want to reach their aim of visiting site with complete the desire task, if website load slow they don’t have little endurance to wait and see the site.

They have expectations to webpage should react certain new if it is reacts something bad they don’t appreciate. If you are trying something innovative first let’s test on users how they accept and experience it, whether it is good for users are not.

Interested in home page:

Website builders will put the more efforts on create the outstanding home page. Do you think your attractive home page only generate sales? No reality is home page is just main point to connect the another specific web page to most web visitors

Actually  visitors are interested in where the information is  located, the home page only serve them to visit, Often they will have followed a link to a specific page and will not go anywhere near your home page. You may observe most of search result for your business will lead the specific page more than home page.

Thus you must put the efforts to create worth content in that specific page like your home page it give the best user experience.

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 User-friendly clicks:

Users usually do not move toward to your website because it has flash features. Visitor is like selectors in other words they spend very short time for looking something. If they are aggravate users will stop searching after 3 clicks.

So When users arrive web page  they  actively searching for information by clicking  on a Web page but they won’t get quickly to scan the information what they are looking for and they continue the search in site as they  can see the clues to get the information thus your content must conveyable.


User experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of the end-user; True user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they want. So your website should not be like full of innovate and difficult content to read.

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Steps to make your site SEO friendly

It has now become compulsory that if you run the online business, you should have a website live. Also, it is important that the website should have all the primary information regarding the business. Not only being online makes your trade winning. The search engine plays a central role in handling brand’s reputation and to provide better ROI.

steps to make your site SEO friendly

Tips to make your site SEO friendly


 Keywords are the phrases people search on Google to find an exact result of the query. Think about what people would type into a search engine and do some basic keyword research to discover what the most popular search terms are on your topic or business. Once you’ve found your keyword or phrase, strategically place it in the title, Meta description, permalink (URL), H1-H6 tags (headings). Targeted keywords make your website rank higher in search engines and direct audience from your content towards your business.

High quality content:

High quality content which are aim towards providing information what visitors are looking, will likely to reduce bounce rate and increase number of audience. Publishing Unique and fresh content every week impress visitors as well as Google to enhance your website authority.

Social media:

According to the statistics, Social media platforms build the audience trust, which ultimately generates new leads, drives traffic, increases page views, widens brand exposure and builds your community of followers. Therefore, it is advisable to be active on social sites as search engines are more likely to use data from these sites to rank your site.

Page loading speed:

Page loading refers to the time your website takes to load. Recently, Google has announced that page speed would impact your website ranking, thereby it is desirable that the website should load within 3 seconds of visit. if the page fails to load within average time, visitors will have bad user experience on your website.

3 major Reasons behind website slow loading speed.

  • A cheap offer hosted website
  • External embedded media
  • Too large images and ads, widgets.

Responsive Design:

Augmented mobile users have created an urge of seamless web experience on mobile and other devices. There is great talk, Responsive webdesign helps in link building but as you invest your time and resources in building backlinks to your site, you need to equally invest your effort in using those links for your mobile site and tablets therefore make your website responsive design.

RD helps in link building but As you invest your time and resources in building backlinks to your site, you need to equally invest your effort in using those links for your mobile site and tablets therefore make your website responsive design.


Make your business standout among your competitors by taking storng action above points in your business website that helps you to great returns in your business with more sales.

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Tips to build perfect online brand

“Good branding is nothing but heart of the business”

The internet has been a benefit of many businesses nowadays, but smaller once that don’t have the marketing funds battle beside massive firm, there are innumerable channels to obtain your products and services online.


In the online world just having the website or online presence is not enough, you must also put up the tough online brand to make an impression and stand out among every business.

Here in this article, I would like to point few tips to build perfect online brand

Understanding your brand:

To be a successful business, understand what your business is, and create exclusive Logo which acts as important component of building brand “It the face of your business and the foundation for all branding efforts”

Learn your competitor’s brands

Take next step and start evaluating your competitor’s brands. You can learn a lot about advertising your industry by studying previously established entries.

It is important that you should not follow and apply those strategies for your brand. Look at motivations behind the choice, and use the traits for your next process.

Find how customers perceiving your brand:

To begin, you need to find out the way you see and how customers will see your brand, looking at your brand through the eyes of a customer will give you better insights into what really matters them, and which brand elements to emphasize.

Apply your brand personality to multiple areas:

Think about how this personality and persona might be interpreted to more touchable, sensible areas of your marketing strategy. How your voices come across in your content and other promotional materials that matter.

How would you approach your patrons?  Speak with them? Gain their trust and loyalty, these aren’t easy question to answer, but it is crucial for launching the hub of your brand.


So once you have created a clear online brand that you are happy with and that your readers and followers understand, it’s time to live it, be active to communicate your clients across all your social media channels, revisit regularly and Interact with them daily.

Once you have established your brand online, your responsibility isn’t quite over, it is fine to check in every few years to update your brand as needed. Stay consistent and improve your brand.

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Reasons that visitor leave your website

Since we are in digital era of reading and in a time where information is not panic, holding the visitors lure enough to stay on website for more than a few seconds is harder. It can resist to convenience visitors that their time on your site will be valuable


In today’s modern world, having an incredible product is often not enough, because consumers are modern thus they are having a lot option to buy a product or take a service.

Have you ever wonder or noticed what makes the people leave your website so quickly? Let’s go down points

Loading… Wait… Still loading..!


With your hosting facts, “A single second delay in your website loading speed you get 9% loss in conversation, and 90% of users will abandon a website if it takes more than 4 seconds.

In busy world nobody wish to wait, which obviously fail to attracting and holding the customers.

Website is not responsive?


We all are inclined to our smart phones and tablets, the number of people searches in Internet are considerably from mobile devices.

If the website doesn’t feature the responsive design, 99% mobile visitors moved out from your site, because it highly frustrating one to try zoom in and out, up and down and difficult to read the content.

Auto play videos, pop ups ads, who need this all?

Auto play video, ads annoying, is like walking into a grocery store, and an obnoxious storekeeper jumps in your face trying to sell their latest products. He gets your attention, sure, but irritate you a lot which doesn’t look professional at all. Websites are the same way. It doesn’t matter if you’re popping up ads, auto plays videos a newsletter sign-up box, photos or whatever.

Poor design:

When the visitors land on your website first thing they consider is your website design, if it is excellent it makes them to catch and hold their eyes on site for long time.

You never get the second chance to make first impression”

Before start web design, first decide what makes your website attractable, the fonts you use, color combination you, background color, and best user interface and be careful-most visitors have a low tolerance for cluttered and confusing.

Registration walls:

Nobody have the penitence if your website requires the registration compulsory, sign up for newsletters, captcha or do anything other than just click to view.

Final thought:

Addressing those above points, I hope that you can find out your own issues and improve your websites performance. For any web development assistance, Ultimez Technology and its team is always ready to help.

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Why social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy

Having an impelling social media marketing strategy is an integral part of increasing the number of views of your site and to growing the number of your audience.


Social media is proving to be a very profitable on-line marketing channel. With more than a billion active users, it has developed a reputation by some for being a passing marketing interest

How Social Media helps to build the effective marketing

  • Increasing website traffic

  • Building conversions

  • Raising brand awareness

  • Creating a brand identity and positive brand association

  • Improving connection and fundamental interaction with key audiences

Just by establishing your goals, can you measure your social media ROI?

In this post I would like to highlight some of the reasons why social media should be an integral part of your business and your marketing strategy.


Communication is important for every business but positive conflict with the customer base can really lead to improved reputation. Social network allows brands and user to interact and engage quickly.

social media has become a relatively low-cost marketing tool that can put you in constant and direct contact with your target audience.

The brand takes on a personal role and becomes a member of a conversation. Resulting exposure can develop a quality brand image

Increase digital revelation

If you are anxious to be found among the millions of sites on the web, you sure need to work hard on enhancing your social presence. Social media leads to massive exposure due to its world-wide accession, sharing ability, and huge amount of daily users. It delivers instant information in the digital marketplace, thus giving businesses the ability to advertise their products, going beyond distance.

Targeted Connection:

By using the Social media, you can create the a connections directly with audience and team, relevant groups and people are always in search of the right information:

However, social media shouldn’t entirely considered as a way to create sales and interpretation. It’s a communication tool to build your brand and increase allegiant proponent of the services you offer.

Final Words:

By having the solid consistent brand and presence across social media platforms, your business will improve day by day, instant connection with prospective customers and clients, assist the sharing of essential and applicable info.

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How to brand your business through professional logo

First let’s know what is logo? A logo identifies a business in its simplest form by the use of a sign or symbol. It is the solidity of this core idea that makes up the company, driving it.


A Professional logo fit in all of the fundamentals of your business in a single image. It needs to extract the manner and personality of your company in a comprehensible way. It should be distinctive but brilliant, expert but not without character.

How does professional logo contribute to well branding

A logo makes your business easy to understand and describes what concept behind your business is. The professional logo is a symbol that visualizes your brand identity and form a perceived image for a business or product.

The fundamental idea and core concept having professional “company logo” is that it makes company well qualified trusted one, it merely reflect the values and aims of the business as

A professionally custom designed logo set up and builds the identity of your company. It is a mark, flag, symbol or signature that is entirely sole to your business, reminds the attitude of your industry, and distinctive your brand name from your competitor, Logo can contribute to business success whole. And it will go a long way towards building the reorganization for your brand

Great investment for your business

As customers grow to know, like and trust a specific brand, they are more likely to respond absolutely to success come across with a logo, which potentially derive to increased sales or improved mind share within the target market.

Brand your business with us we create a high-quality logo that convene your idea


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UX and Content – The integral part of online success

The great marketing is “a phrase used to express the means of announcement between the company and viewers with ideal visualization and great user experience”


The UI/UX makes the first impression on your website visitors,  thus the best user experience and interface design will give the best look and feel while browsing which merely says what your brand is.


How the content is an integral part of online success as well as Digital marketing?

High-quality content is crucial to the success of any website in order to retain visitors and have a high ranking on search engines. Of course, the design of the website is essential in making the first impression on your visitors.

What can good content do for your website?

  • It provides information for your readers:

It tells your prospective customers who you are, what you stand for, what your business is all about, how you operate along with the services and products you offer. The more you tell, the more you sell.

  • Attract search engines to your site:

Search engines look for keywords, key phrases, titles and descriptions in order to leap from indexing to ranking relevant web pages in search results.  Content writing takes these factors into consideration, it attract search engine traffic by appealing both to human visitors and to search engine spiders

  • Good Content can Generate Revenue for Your Website:

Good content attracts users that want to know more about a product or service. Well-written content sets you apart from other websites and fresh content enhances your conversion rate and makes you look genuine.

UX role for an integral part of online success

Capturing browsing market requires highly attractive UX as it focus on enhancing user satisfaction and improving interface of the visitors towards the websites

The user experience is all about how the users perceive it. Does your website give a value? Is it easy & pleasant to use?” User experience design is all about striving to make them answer “Yes” to all of those questions.

 “The first requirement for an exemplary UX is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or trouble,”

How does UX  is helped to success in the online world?

  • UX is considered as the first impression:

When users enter into the website perfect UX feels them stand to rise. Websites built with attention to UX design are emotionally engaging, easier to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Better brand equity:

A website that’s tailored and responsive to the exact needs of your target audience creates the sense about your brand that it is superior to others in niche market. UX design helps to create an experience that feels bespoke and leaves an indelible mark in visitors’ minds.

  • Increased conversion rate:

 Well crafted UX design presents desirable choices to visitors in ways that are visually engaging, interactive and that match their goals perfectly, subtly influencing people down the path you want them to follow, which means more conversions

  • Positive press coverage:

With great user experience, you can increase your sales at a fraction of the cost. Remember that for everything it costs you to get a new customer, once you have them, you can convert them into a returning customer through great UX.


I hope the article gives you the useful insights on content and UX. Let us design an impressive website for you and write interactive content on it.

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Cautions need to take while redesigning a website

In today’s life, your website is the most important tool to get online presence For Succeeding in a competitive world. It is essential to update the website every couple of the year. In most of the case, business organization redesigns their website simply doesn’t look more attractive as per trend and for branding.


In another hand, they want to change their business strategy and make it comprehensive.

First, consider why you are redesigning:

Before undergoing any redesign, however, it is important to understand what it is you accomplish. Are you unhappy with old design? Or functionality of your site! Or do you want a trend concerned website?

Make sure you have good reason for the change these are all important factors to consider, so before you start, make a detailed list of what it is you wish to accomplish during the redesign

Setting goals is essential towards creating your whole plan of a redesign, what measures you will take and to what you will pay the most attention.

Setting the small budget:

If you are already owed a website or redesign 5 years ago, you should expect that you will not get it now with the same budget as you did that time, especially if you are expecting a lot from your redesign. In past website was just enough, but today there are so many things to add with advanced functionality.

Those advanced factions such as CMS, responsive design, and other functionality are essential to provide great user experience. Still more those all services you won’t get within the same amount as you did couple years ago, Modern websites need to be the custom in order to be attractive, it’s simply a standard.

Not informing the clients

It is important that you let your customers know that they came to the right place and that you are simply in the progression of redesigning. If not, they may consider your business shut down completely.

 The first-time visitors that come to your website during your redesign phase will probably never come back, even if you tell them about what’s going on. Even after your revamp has completed you must let your visitors know that this is the right place and that you just made some changes and added new things in order to improve their experience.

Neglecting content strategy while designing:

It is imperative that people like your content and that it is properly optimized for search engines. Google likes appropriate content and with it, you will be ranked higher.

A superior design and outstanding functionality is only 50% of work. There is no use having an attractive website if it gets to come back at the end of the search results, are you agree? If you want to remain high in searches, you have to improve your design with a brand new, fresh content approach that takes into account all of the stages of your customer’s trade process.

Neglecting to optimize for mobile users:

The majority of web searches today come from mobile users, and the number of mobile users is predictable to grow even extra in the prospect.

This means that your mobile website visitors are more, which is why you have to tell your web developers/designers to make sure that your website is also optimized for mobile users. Make sure that they have the similar occurrence as any devices visitor

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Why you need to rank higher for e-commerce website

“ E-commerce has revolutionized the world of business” it has a much better reach and is the best medium to reach out to new markets being in the first page, varied customer based the niche segment, The success of your e-commerce business starts with the step to think about prospective audience!.


What you need to rank higher for the ecommerce website?

How can you sell anything if customers can’t find you? SEO, which is short term for Search Engine Optimization, is really important for your e-commerce store. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or online store in search engines. Why is that important? Because the higher you rank in search engines, the more traffic, and potential customers get driven to your store.

Most probably you may need a guide for starting an e-commerce store successfully there by here is a ppt on A start guide for a successful e-commerce store.

and a complete article here

and once this is done Now the question will come, why you need to rank higher for the e-commerce website?

Well…!! If you build the healthy online e-commerce site and if you didn’t get any customers or visitors, then what is the use of your online store? How your business will grow? Thus optimizing your site with best SEO techniques brings an online store the top position rankings result with noteworthy impressions.

Here are the few reasons given below why you need to rank:

Increased Traffic:

Top positions on the search engine result pages receive a majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in these top positions can result in significant traffic increases for your website. SEO also focuses on creating keyword relevant title tags and Meta descriptions, which show up in the result pages.

 Better Conversion Rates

The SEO optimized website is fast, easy to use and friendly with mobile and tablet devices. This also translates to better conversions i.e. visitors coming to your website are more likely to become customers, subscribers or loyal visitors.

Brand Awareness:

Since companies on the first page are generally perceived to be more trustworthy, having your website in these top positions on the result pages translates to more exposure for your website. Plus, being on the first page for your targeted keywords not only helps users to associate your brand with those keywords, but it instills trust.

Cost effective

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your products and services online. The traffic resulting from SEO is more qualified than many other marketing strategies.

I hope now you are familiar with Why SEO?  How it helps for your e-commerce business. You should also now understand that an online presence is crucial for everyday businesses and the SEO strategy can help you stand out above your competitors.

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The Importance of Good User Experience Design for Business

The good user experience is the most important for any kind of business because the site is the first impression to your users; Remember user decides in just a few seconds whether your site or app is worth their times. That’s the only opportunity you get to reel someone.


How it worth?

The UX is about the only two things the user and their experience. Give your users positive experience and thy will reward with their trust and their business. Company with high effective UX is more likely to increase their revenue by 50%.

What are the values of having good UX in business?

Focusing on providing the excellent user experience can help to improve your business conversation and increase your revenue

90% of customers are most likely to purchase on mobile-friendly sites with good user experience.

UX helps you get noticed:

The internet is a crowded place. When the user experience is right, it ensures that users spend more time on your website.

Increased Sales:

Every time people want products and system that meet their needs easily, that are pleasant to use, and are well made. Users will wish to buy from there.

UX turns the user into Brand Ambassadors:

 It is natural that if you have an enjoyable experience with a product or services, you will recommend it to a friend or a relative. Quite often, this is the positive user experience. By referring a product /services, indirectly, become its brand ambassador 

UX gives positive ROI:

UX is interconnected with business goals. Hence, it is very important that it also delivery monetary benefits. A good user experience will not help in retaining happy users but also enquire new ones. Intuitive and rewarding experience will lead number    of happy users.


The user experience depends on how the users pick out it. Does your website give you a value? Is it easy & pleasing to use?” User experience design is all about striving to make them answer “Yes” to all of those questions. Thus UX is the first key to impress and feel best experience in your website. I hope now you are very close why UX is more important for business how it is going to help in your business.
If you are searching good UX design for your business the ULTIMEZ technology is your right source we help you to achieve your organization goals proficiently.

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