Reasons that visitor leave your website

Since we are in digital era of reading and in a time where information is not panic, holding the visitors lure enough to stay on website for more than a few seconds is harder. It can resist to convenience visitors that their time on your site will be valuable


In today’s modern world, having an incredible product is often not enough, because consumers are modern thus they are having a lot option to buy a product or take a service.

Have you ever wonder or noticed what makes the people leave your website so quickly? Let’s go down points

Loading… Wait… Still loading..!


With your hosting facts, “A single second delay in your website loading speed you get 9% loss in conversation, and 90% of users will abandon a website if it takes more than 4 seconds.

In busy world nobody wish to wait, which obviously fail to attracting and holding the customers.

Website is not responsive?


We all are inclined to our smart phones and tablets, the number of people searches in Internet are considerably from mobile devices.

If the website doesn’t feature the responsive design, 99% mobile visitors moved out from your site, because it highly frustrating one to try zoom in and out, up and down and difficult to read the content.

Auto play videos, pop ups ads, who need this all?

Auto play video, ads annoying, is like walking into a grocery store, and an obnoxious storekeeper jumps in your face trying to sell their latest products. He gets your attention, sure, but irritate you a lot which doesn’t look professional at all. Websites are the same way. It doesn’t matter if you’re popping up ads, auto plays videos a newsletter sign-up box, photos or whatever.

Poor design:

When the visitors land on your website first thing they consider is your website design, if it is excellent it makes them to catch and hold their eyes on site for long time.

You never get the second chance to make first impression”

Before start web design, first decide what makes your website attractable, the fonts you use, color combination you, background color, and best user interface and be careful-most visitors have a low tolerance for cluttered and confusing.

Registration walls:

Nobody have the penitence if your website requires the registration compulsory, sign up for newsletters, captcha or do anything other than just click to view.

Final thought:

Addressing those above points, I hope that you can find out your own issues and improve your websites performance. For any web development assistance, Ultimez Technology and its team is always ready to help.

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